Your Own Audio Library in the TikTok Application

TikTok is considered the most popular application among the modern smartphone owners. Registered users are constantly in search of “tricks” to learn how to get a bunch of fans on Tik Tok. The main feature of the project is the ability to create short videos using various masks, stickers, own or built-in music tracks. Below we will describe how to make your own sound on Tik Tok.


  • What is TikTok?
  • Using your own audio tracks earlier
  • Can the personal music tracks be included to the app now?
  • Summary

What is TikTok?

One of the most popular choices among the content in the Play Market and the Apple Store is the so called “Musical Twitter” – the TikTok app. Young people who dream of becoming video-makers register on this social network in order to create short videos, add their own highlights.

After registration, users can shoot videos, edit them and overlay music. In this case, it is possible to trim, reduce or increase the playback speed, select unusual filters, apply different sound levels.

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Using your own audio tracks earlier

Not so long ago, one could use their own music tracks downloaded from a memory card or directly from a smartphone to TikTok. To do this, we would require to:

  1. open the application, tap “add video”;
  2. tap the button “select music”, then “my sounds”.

In this way, it was possible to reach the personal media library, from which the choice of a favorite composition would be added to the project. Unfortunately, this feature was removed by the developers due to the massive copyright violations.

Can the personal music tracks be included to the app now?

For the users who want to add their own sounds, there is a roundabout way. We suggest using additional software, for example, the program “InShot” works both on Android and iOS operating systems.

To use your personal music you would need to:
1. open the video editor;
2. add the previously filmed movie to the processing;
3. remove your own sound from work;
4. tap “music” – “my music”. Here you can choose a music track from the library and tap “use”.

Then you can choose the moment to start the playback with, and save the work in the phone memory. The finished video is being downloaded to TikTok. If necessary, add masks, filters, effects and other exciting “chips.” Now you can wait for a huge number of likes, reactions and comments from the followers.

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Creating high-quality content is a reliable way to increase the popularity of a personal account on this social network. Of course, you can use services for cheating followers, likes and comments, but in the first place there should be interesting videos. A little trick, described above, will allow to add your favorite music compositions to the video and increase the number of viewers.

Secrets of Creating Popular Videos on TikTok

TikTok is a social platform that has gained particular popularity among the younger users. It is based on short videos. Therefore, teenagers are constantly looking for how to put effects on your Tik Tok video. These parameters allow to make content unique and relevant for the young people. In this article we will discuss interesting features of the app, including Tik Tok sound effects.


  • Is it possible to shoot a video longer than 15 seconds?
  • Features of special effects
  • How to record a video longer than 60 seconds?
  • General recommendations
  • Conclusion

Is it possible to shoot a video longer than 15 seconds?

The main part of the content is short videos that cannot last longer than fifteen seconds. Most often they contain popular musical compositions, animation, masks and texts. There is an interesting feature: if you refuse from using sound effects, you can record and add the video one minute long.

To make such a video, you will need to give preference to the variation that does not contain audio tracks. Any music, including the one from the memory of the smartphone, limits the length to only 15 seconds.

Useful article: “Your Own Audio Library in the TikTok Application

Features of special effects

Posts that do not contain filters, masks and effects are not as popular as ones including them. Therefore, we would recommend using the following:

  1. trending options. These include such categories as kittens, bunnies, the effect of aging or beard. They are applied directly to your face or replace the background. What is also available: the division of the screen into several parts, adding texts;
  2. color change. The developers have added 36 different tones that can be used to create a video or going live;
  3. slowing down or speeding up the playback of a video;
  4. beauty filter;
  5. distance or approaching;
  6. cutting of music, videos.

How to record a video longer than 60 seconds?

Before you start shooting, the user will need to select the “timer” icon. It is in this section, that you can customize the duration of the video. To confirm the specified parameter, tap the check mark at the bottom on the right part of the screen.

After the process is completed, there are two options for finishing: go editing or publishing the work. When adding music, the duration of the video is reduced to the standard 15 seconds. Therefore, the processing may consist solely of the imposition of masks, filters and effects.

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General recommendations

You can achieve popularity through the services specializing in cheating followers, likes and comments. But without the high quality content, such actions do not make sense. Therefore we would advise to:

  • create interesting dynamic videos;
  • use unusual effects;
  • come up with the fascinating stories;
  • follow the trends and recommended bloggers;
  • devote time to communication with followers.


TikTok is a fascinating social network where you can spend all your free time, and not even notice how it flies. There are many interesting videos, users who want to watch them again and again. Using simple recommendations, your profile will get to the top list of recommended. It is important not just to film videos, but also to add uniqueness to them.

Most Popular Effects on TikTok

Today there are hardly any users who have never heard of TikTok. The whole YouTube is filled with short videos with the logo of the application, many bloggers are looking for the popular Tik Tok songs. Would you like to be on the top of this social network? We will tell how to make filters for Tik Tok, because using them allows to increase the number of followers in your account.


  • What popular effects could be used in the program
  • Adding TikTok effects
  • How to shoot a video with several effects
  • Changing filters
  • Conclusion

What popular effects could be used in the program

The latest social network tricks are shown in the “Recommendations” category. You can get acquainted to the popular filters in the “Trending” section. There users will find:

  1. raindrops;
  2. mirror water surface;
  3. dark pupils;
  4. huge eyes;
  5. mirror symmetry;
  6. disproportion on the face.

These options are used by popular bloggers in their work. Therefore, if you want to get into the TOP-list, we would recommend paying special attention to them during the preparation of your posts.

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Adding TikTok effects

Many users record videos in the memory of the smartphone, and after that they download them as posts to the application. In order to use internal “tricks” in your videos you need to:

  • open the program;
  • tap “Add video”;
  • you will see the effects icon on the left, it can be used in the processing of videos.

The service divides the offered opportunities into several categories: trending, masks and backgrounds, cats, animations with mentors from the TV project “Dancing with the Stars”, 3D objects. To switch between the sections, tap the appropriate tab.

Check these features easily – switch to the front camera and select the desired option. The system will display prompts, following which users will get a great result.

How to shoot a video with several effects

To record a video in real time with the addition of various filters, tap “Add video” icon. Here you can use several different masks by turn. To do this, select one option, shoot the video while holding the button. After that, apply a different effect and do the same. Then you can go to the editing and add a music track.

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Changing filters

For changing style use the leftmost icon. With it, users can apply effects gradually, simultaneously. The technique of execution is the same – choose the part of the video where you would like to use the filter. After achieving a decent result, do not forget to save your work, as well as to demonstrate it to the entire TikTok community.


TikTok is an application filled with various exciting features. Create the high-quality content, promote the page through the cheat services, and make PR in other social networks. It is very popular now, so be on the same page with the world-famous bloggers.

Challenge as One of the Tools for the Development of a TikTok Account

TikTok is updated every day with the new content. Among the most popular “viral” videos are challenges, where people throw certain call to each other.


  • Essence of a TikTok challenge
  • How to create a successful interesting challenge
  • Elements of the right challenge
  • Important features of the TikTok challenge

Essence of a TikTok challenge

Challenge is a kind of genre videos on the Internet, that was filmed in a certain way. The user performs any task (funny, difficult, weird or even a little bit dangerous), posts it on the network (for example, on the TikTok social network) with a message about giving the same task to another “TikToker”. Challenge means “to take on”.

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How to create a successful interesting challenge

A Tik Tok challenge, like any other activity on this social network, is not just a good pastime for the author of the “challenge.” Challenge also serves as a means of attracting friends by interests, raising the account higher to the top positions and gaining the increasing popularity. In any case, challenge videos belong to the so-called UGC-content. This abbreviation stands for the “User-generated content, that is content created by users.

Elements of the right challenge

To create an effective challenge, you don’t need too much. First of all, you should correctly determine the choice of a piece of music, to which the action will take place. To increase the reach of the audience, every little detail is important, including the availability of the music that most people would like. It is better to choose a track that is currently “viral”.

Having come up with a name for a TikTok challenge, it is necessary to check that it corresponds to the content of the video, and also contains a “hashtag”, that is, a special label after the conditional “#” icon. Such a label can be a set of words, expressions by which interested users will be able to find all similar challenges in the network.

Also, do not forget to encourage your potential viewers to attract new views and put “likes” as a form of expressing your like or approval. Remember that a good challenge-movie will be distributed not only within the Tik-Tok network, but also on other popular social platforms, so you shouldn’t focus only on TikTok users before holding a challenge.

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Important features of the TikTok challenge

When shooting a short interesting video call, remember that Tik Tok likes are very important indicators of the success of the user and each video. Now the competition for the attention of the public in this network is not very tough, but this may change in the nearest future. It is for this reason that you should not delay posting challenges. Also, do not forget that short music videos are the future of the Internet, so combine this format with the challenge.

In conclusion, we would like to note that the correct name and proper placement of your challenge on the TikTok network is important, but you should not forget about the charisma of the author (actor), who is directly involved in such a video call.

Bulldog Wearing a Superman Costume: Monetizing Hobbies on Instagram

Do you have an interesting hobby? Do you create things that please others? Perhaps your passion is not just interesting, but can bring income. Start an Instagram account and promote it – you will make sure yourself!

• From hobby to a personal brand
• Good photos
• Videos? Yes!
• Creating interesting posts
• Promoting the brand
• Commenting
• Mass-following
• Mass-liking

From hobby to a personal brand

Let’s say, you like dogs and handicrafts. And you have already made a New Year’s suit, pajamas, a raincoat for bad weather and a bath robe for your four-legged pet. It turned out to be fun and stylish. Why do you think that only you like it?

For reference: there is an Instagram account of the French bulldog called Stitch. Do you know how many people like watching this adorable creature either wearing a Superman costume, or appearing as a gangster, as a rock star or as Princess Leia? This account has more than 70,000 followers!

If you are happy to sew things not only for your dog, but also for others to order – go ahead, create an account! Add brief, but useful information in the account: types of your products, materials, price, contacts, location, delivery, hashtags to simplify navigation. And learn how to turn a hobby into your own brand.

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Good photos

Post high-quality, beautiful, funny photos of your products. If this is clothes for a dog – the photo should be on a nice background, a doggy dressed up in a stylish costume!

Videos? Yes!

No one will buy a useless and impractical thing. The purpose of the video is to show that your products “work”, that they are functional, and not created for the sake of a beautiful photo. Here the dog can freely move, play, execute commands, sleep wearing these clothes, etc.

Creating interesting posts

Tell about the new things created by you, suggest topics for discussion, conduct surveys and contests among your followers – call them to an active dialogue with you. People like when their opinion is important and interesting! Ask to put likes to a new item, publish customer reviews.

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Promoting the brand

People should find out about you – after this they will follow you, monitor your account, place orders for your products. Even a small number of active followers and at least 30 Instagram likes is a great start!


To make people interested in you, get interested in them. Look for the accounts with a similar topic – in your case, these are owners of dogs, clubs, kennels, pet shops. Communicate, express your opinion, ask questions – and your account will get interest, people will follow it.


Follow! Insta users see the news about following their accounts and are usually interested in these profiles, often following in response. Follow not random accounts but look for your target audience that can be interested in your products. Look for suitable users in the followers for related topics.

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Likes on Instagram is an important and very efficient tool for promoting your products. After all, they say that your account is popular, and people like creativity. Receiving likes, you expand your target audience, attract future customers, and determine your customers’ needs. Likes cause trust!
How to get the most likes on Instagram, if you are just starting promoting and do not know where to start from? Use the service assistant. ALL-SMM has proven itself very well. With it you will get the desired number of likes, followers, views in your social networks, promote your Instagram account.
The main thing is to make your mind and start. Instagram can make you from an unknown author of clothes for your dog into a recognized dog clothes couturier who actively sells his creations. Many famous brands started with only five beautiful photos on Instagram!

TikTok is a New Entertaining and Useful App

TikTok has been designed for entertaining and having fun. This is a free app that can be used for creating videos or photo collages with music. TikTok can be downloaded for free from the official stores.


  • TikTok video
  • How to use TikTok
  • Popularity of a TikTok account
  • How to promote a personal blog on TikTok

TikTok video

Interesting and funny Tik Tok clips attract attention of not only teenagers, but also of elder people. The service TikTok appeared in China in 2016, and a few years later gained its popularity all over the world. In the TikTok app, you can make a funny video or create a photo collage. The music can be of any kind, for the author’s taste. The service suggests using various effects and filters. Greater popularity is gained by shooting duets, as well as by using raindrops filter on the screen of a smartphone. TikTok videos can be exported to any other social network.

How to use TikTok

The menu in the app is very simple. For registering you must specify a mobile phone number or email address. You can go through authorization via other well-known social networks: Vkontakte, Instagram, Facebook, etc. After registering on TikTok, the user gets to the “Recommendations” section. Many people want their videos to be shown there, but only the best videos manage to get there. If you want to use a filter or effect, just go to the menu. The app can be updated for free in the official store. The creators of TikTok recommend not to ignore the updates in order to avoid incorrect operation of the program.

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Popularity of a TikTok account

Popularity on TikTok is needed to anyone who wants to earn money or gain fame. Therefore, most users seek to get likes in Tik Tok, as well as followers. The main income in this app is gained through advertising. Advertisers offer collaboration to the users with a big online audience. Some online businessmen sell their goods and services in the accounts. In this case, you can significantly save on the office rent, salaries of employees and advertising.

How to promote a personal blog on TikTok

For example, 100 free TikTok likes can be obtained through a special program. You can download it from the Internet, but you need to select the source carefully not to catch a virus. The essence of the program is performing tasks received by the user. In return he earns likes, comments, followers.

You can arrange a giveaway or reposting contest on your TikTok page. This method helps to increase the online audience. Also, TikTok users use other social networks to advertise their account in the Chinese service.

Some advanced TikTok users choose the help of the paid services specializing in promotion of accounts. Thanks to these services, they get a significant saving of their time and effort.


Instagram and VK Likes Boost is a Worthy Investment!

Every user of social networks is pleased to notice that hundreds or even thousands of people like his photos. But, unfortunately, not every picture gets a big number of likes. In such situation, it is best to boost up likes, and for saving your time it is worth to use help of Instagram marketing services specializing in it.

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Apps for Instagram Likes Boost: Safety and Productivity

Many users of Instagram, trying to get famous on Instagram and attract attention use the likes boost. Recently, due to the growing popularity of Instagram, it has become very popular. We will try to figure out how this works and how it affects the productivity of the Instagram account promotion.

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Best Ideas of Using Instagram Likes Boost

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks. In terms of its popularity, it can be compared to such giants as Facebook or MySpace. It is based on a simple idea: to share your life by photos. As a result, the simplest idea turned into a culture capturing more and more users.

Over time, the opportunity to promote your account appeared on Instagram. The task is not that complicated: you just need to post interesting content regularly and get likes on instagram and comments on it. Now there are online stores and entrepreneurs who use their accounts to promote their business.

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Why is it Better to Pay for Boosting Llikes in Instagram?

Instagram is one of the most popular marketing tools. Nowadays this service is used not only by ordinary users, but also by entrepreneurs, businessmen and online stores. A simple social network has become a tool for promoting products. And, what is interesting, one of the most convenient tools. For successful promotion, you need to know some rules, e.g. payments involved. That is what we’ll discuss in the article.

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