Bulldog Wearing a Superman Costume: Monetizing Hobbies on Instagram

Do you have an interesting hobby? Do you create things that please others? Perhaps your passion is not just interesting, but can bring income. Start an Instagram account and promote it – you will make sure yourself!

• From hobby to a personal brand
• Good photos
• Videos? Yes!
• Creating interesting posts
• Promoting the brand
• Commenting
• Mass-following
• Mass-liking

From hobby to a personal brand

Let’s say, you like dogs and handicrafts. And you have already made a New Year’s suit, pajamas, a raincoat for bad weather and a bath robe for your four-legged pet. It turned out to be fun and stylish. Why do you think that only you like it?

For reference: there is an Instagram account of the French bulldog called Stitch. Do you know how many people like watching this adorable creature either wearing a Superman costume, or appearing as a gangster, as a rock star or as Princess Leia? This account has more than 70,000 followers!

If you are happy to sew things not only for your dog, but also for others to order – go ahead, create an account! Add brief, but useful information in the account: types of your products, materials, price, contacts, location, delivery, hashtags to simplify navigation. And learn how to turn a hobby into your own brand.

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Good photos

Post high-quality, beautiful, funny photos of your products. If this is clothes for a dog – the photo should be on a nice background, a doggy dressed up in a stylish costume!

Videos? Yes!

No one will buy a useless and impractical thing. The purpose of the video is to show that your products “work”, that they are functional, and not created for the sake of a beautiful photo. Here the dog can freely move, play, execute commands, sleep wearing these clothes, etc.

Creating interesting posts

Tell about the new things created by you, suggest topics for discussion, conduct surveys and contests among your followers – call them to an active dialogue with you. People like when their opinion is important and interesting! Ask to put likes to a new item, publish customer reviews.

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Promoting the brand

People should find out about you – after this they will follow you, monitor your account, place orders for your products. Even a small number of active followers and at least 30 Instagram likes is a great start!


To make people interested in you, get interested in them. Look for the accounts with a similar topic – in your case, these are owners of dogs, clubs, kennels, pet shops. Communicate, express your opinion, ask questions – and your account will get interest, people will follow it.


Follow! Insta users see the news about following their accounts and are usually interested in these profiles, often following in response. Follow not random accounts but look for your target audience that can be interested in your products. Look for suitable users in the followers for related topics.

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Likes on Instagram is an important and very efficient tool for promoting your products. After all, they say that your account is popular, and people like creativity. Receiving likes, you expand your target audience, attract future customers, and determine your customers’ needs. Likes cause trust!
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The main thing is to make your mind and start. Instagram can make you from an unknown author of clothes for your dog into a recognized dog clothes couturier who actively sells his creations. Many famous brands started with only five beautiful photos on Instagram!