Challenge as One of the Tools for the Development of a TikTok Account

TikTok is updated every day with the new content. Among the most popular “viral” videos are challenges, where people throw certain call to each other.


  • Essence of a TikTok challenge
  • How to create a successful interesting challenge
  • Elements of the right challenge
  • Important features of the TikTok challenge

Essence of a TikTok challenge

Challenge is a kind of genre videos on the Internet, that was filmed in a certain way. The user performs any task (funny, difficult, weird or even a little bit dangerous), posts it on the network (for example, on the TikTok social network) with a message about giving the same task to another “TikToker”. Challenge means “to take on”.

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How to create a successful interesting challenge

A Tik Tok challenge, like any other activity on this social network, is not just a good pastime for the author of the “challenge.” Challenge also serves as a means of attracting friends by interests, raising the account higher to the top positions and gaining the increasing popularity. In any case, challenge videos belong to the so-called UGC-content. This abbreviation stands for the “User-generated content, that is content created by users.

Elements of the right challenge

To create an effective challenge, you don’t need too much. First of all, you should correctly determine the choice of a piece of music, to which the action will take place. To increase the reach of the audience, every little detail is important, including the availability of the music that most people would like. It is better to choose a track that is currently “viral”.

Having come up with a name for a TikTok challenge, it is necessary to check that it corresponds to the content of the video, and also contains a “hashtag”, that is, a special label after the conditional “#” icon. Such a label can be a set of words, expressions by which interested users will be able to find all similar challenges in the network.

Also, do not forget to encourage your potential viewers to attract new views and put “likes” as a form of expressing your like or approval. Remember that a good challenge-movie will be distributed not only within the Tik-Tok network, but also on other popular social platforms, so you shouldn’t focus only on TikTok users before holding a challenge.

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Important features of the TikTok challenge

When shooting a short interesting video call, remember that Tik Tok likes are very important indicators of the success of the user and each video. Now the competition for the attention of the public in this network is not very tough, but this may change in the nearest future. It is for this reason that you should not delay posting challenges. Also, do not forget that short music videos are the future of the Internet, so combine this format with the challenge.

In conclusion, we would like to note that the correct name and proper placement of your challenge on the TikTok network is important, but you should not forget about the charisma of the author (actor), who is directly involved in such a video call.