Collecting Likes on Instagram

In the modern world, the cost to promote on Instagram is very different: large marketing agencies ask for their services hundreds of thousands and even millions. At the same time,


  •  Why a lot of likes are needed
  •  Getting likes
  •  Likes from followers
  •  Likes from third-party users
  •  Buying likes
  •  Conclusion

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Why a lot of likes are needed

When every student has an Instagram account, you need to understand one simple thing – this tool is not just a way to share another story with followers. It is also a convenient tool for promoting goods and services. And how to evaluate the effectiveness of the tool? Right, by the number of followers and likes.

Getting likes

Should we buy likes on Instagram or is it better to promote free and traditional methods? Let’s try to figure it out.

There are several ways to get likes. You can try to work with your audience, provoke them to be active. It is complicated and takes a lot of free time. The second way is to buy ads on some posts. This will allow you to simultaneously get new followers, likes and views. However, the effectiveness of this method depends on how users respond to your content. It may turn out that the owners of other users will not like particular advertising, and they will prefer other content. In addition, it is important to note that likes from followers and from other users are of a slightly different nature. This feature needs to be discussed in more detail.

Likes from followers

A large number of followers often act as robots. They see a new post from a specific user – put a like, scroll the feed further. The value of such likes is minimal. Moreover, such a user can unsubscribe at any time, or stop putting likes. Therefore, from followers it is much more important to receive comments – this means that the person is really immersed in the topic raised in the post.

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Likes from third-party users

As for likes from third-party users, they tend to be of great value. In fact, in this case, likes are not put “automatically”, but solely for the reason that the user touched an interesting or provocative topic in the post. Moreover, the content of the post can be anything: a funny photo with a cat, text with reasoning, a beautiful (or not really) photo of the account owner.

Buying likes

The most frequently asked question – should you buy Instagram likes, we would answer unambiguously – yes! However, it is necessary to approach this issue wisely and with some knowledge. It makes no sense to buy ten likes for different posts. You need to select some of the most interesting posts for potential followers and buy likes for them. So the post will become more noticeable to users, and they probably want to subscribe.


As a conclusion, it should be noted about taking into account the number of likes when compiling promotional offers. Most major advertisers, choosing a site for advertising, take into account several key indicators: the number of likes and the number of views. This is precisely what speaks of how users react to content and how a blogger can make a beautiful picture to attract potential customers. This means that any newbie Instagram blogger must work to increase the number of likes under their posts.

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There are hundreds of smaller companies that ask for significantly less money. And there is a category of individual entrepreneurs and freelancers who are ready to work almost for food. Only one conclusion follows from this – promotion can be done independently, using well-known and popular services as an assistant for this.