How Free Instagram Likes Boost works

There are a lot of ways of boosting likes on Instagram and many of them are free. Boost helps to promote your personal page or blog, online store or advertising platform, and free applications will make this easy since there are no investments involved. Let’s see how it works.


  • Ways of boost
  • By yourself
  • Using apps
  • Pros and cons
  • Advantages
  • Disadvantages
  • Conclusion

Ways of boost

By yourself

The long-lasting and the easiest way. All you need is to explore the app, put likes and follow everyone you see. As a result about 15-20% of users of covered accounts will drop in to see who liked them and, perhaps, will like you back. After all, you do not lose anything, later you can unsubscribe from people already following you, but it is time consuming. By visiting hundred accounts you can get only twenty likes underneath your photos.

Using apps

The basic principle of free applications is similar to the manual one, but better organized. Downloading free Instagram likes boost by link and linking it to your account, you still continue giving likes to pictures of people infinitely, however, this time there’s a virtual currency accumulating, and later you could spend it on buying likes for your photos, correspondingly. And that is what you are aimed at after all.

There’s main and very important difference of this method of boost compared to the manual one: here an impersonal user whom you give likes and interact with has to put likes back, which is not obligatory during the manual method. In fact, apps do not change anything, except they contribute to better process organization.

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Pros and cons


Apps features allow you to achieve goals with no effort and increase Instagram engagement. This is very important for online stores or other small businesses, as well as for the beginner bloggers who have not yet achieved popularity. Without an initial push it is almost impossible to attract people’s attention, and with the programs’ help this could be achieved quickly and without any money or investments spent.


Likes are given by people who are not interested neither in the content nor in the product, only in fulfilling the next task in the program. However, for some it does not play an important role, because the goal is to go to the top and the right people will eventually come to the well promoted account later themselves.

Also, being fascinated by the serene work in the app, you could forget about the limit on actions exposed by Instagram against this type of cheat. If you use it too often, you can lose the post or even get a ban.


The existence of free Instagram promotion services that allow free Instagram photos likes boost not only gives a push to popularity for the new users, but also makes this service completely safe, because without any investments people have nothing to lose. A convenient and well organized system will do its job, and the number of hearts underneath photos will satisfy the needs of the owner as soon as possible.