Instagram Video Formats: What Should They Be?

Any Instagram user who has a smartphone with a camera can shoot and upload videos. Recently, the video content is gaining wildly popularity, because thanks to it, you can solve many problems that are beyond the power of a static photo. Choosing the right video formats for Instagram is an important step towards the success of a video, a vine or a commercial, because it depends on it how it will look on the screens of gadgets of social network users. This issue is especially relevant for those who seek to improve the image quality using professional video equipment.


1. Videos for posts

2. Stories


4. Important nuances

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Videos for posts

A video shot on a smartphone can be published immediately – it will definitely work, the main thing to remember is how long can Instagram videos be – no longer than 1 minute. But if you create high-quality professional content and shoot it on a video camera with subsequent processing on a computer, you should be aware that only the following file extensions are allowed: GIF, AVI, MOV, MKV, 3GPP / GP / G2 and WMV.

What’s the best time to post on Instagram, we already wrote in one of the previous articles. In short: it all depends on the lifestyle and preferences of your audience. Analyze profile statistics and draw conclusions. Remember that this parameter largely determines how many followers will watch the video you shot.

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For horizontal video orientation, a resolution of at least 600 × 315 px, a volume of less than 4 GB, an aspect ratio of 1.9: 1 is required. For square videos, the resolution must be at least 600 × 600 px, aspect ratio 1: 1. For vertical, the resolution must be at least 600 × 750 px, and the aspect ratio 4: 5. In all cases, the “weight” is also not more than 4 gigabytes. Bitrate not more than 3500 kb/s and not less than 3000 kb/s, otherwise it will look bad, of poor quality. Instagram supports VP8 and H.264 codecs.

Important! A vertical video is not the best format, since it’s more difficult for them to put likes – when being watched, they occupy almost the entire screen, and people don’t see the heart and forget to tap like.


Video for stories also should not weigh more than 4 Gigabytes, there are no restrictions on the duration, all the same, it will be split into pieces for 15 seconds. Resolution from 600×1067 to 1080×1920 px, format only vertical 9:16. Everything that is filmed for posting can be placed in stories.


A unique analogue of YouTube, created not so long ago, IGTV, allows to publish informative, useful videos lasting from 10 minutes (650 megabytes) to 1 hour (for verified accounts, weighing up to 3.6 gigabytes). Only MP4 format and the aspect ratio of 9:16 or 16: 9 are suitable here.

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Important nuances

What if the video format for Instagram does not meet the requirements? Use special programs to process and convert video files, for example, Movavi, Adobe Premiere or Sony Vegas. If you just upload the “wrong” material, the social network itself will compress it to the format it needs, but the picture quality will probably suffer greatly.

Today, when smartphone screens grow larger, the image quality plays a huge role in the perception of information. Do not rush and take risks, show respect to your followers and give them the pleasure of enjoying a beautiful high-resolution video sequence!