Most Popular Effects on TikTok

Today there are hardly any users who have never heard of TikTok. The whole YouTube is filled with short videos with the logo of the application, many bloggers are looking for the popular Tik Tok songs. Would you like to be on the top of this social network? We will tell how to make filters for Tik Tok, because using them allows to increase the number of followers in your account.


  • What popular effects could be used in the program
  • Adding TikTok effects
  • How to shoot a video with several effects
  • Changing filters
  • Conclusion

What popular effects could be used in the program

The latest social network tricks are shown in the “Recommendations” category. You can get acquainted to the popular filters in the “Trending” section. There users will find:

  1. raindrops;
  2. mirror water surface;
  3. dark pupils;
  4. huge eyes;
  5. mirror symmetry;
  6. disproportion on the face.

These options are used by popular bloggers in their work. Therefore, if you want to get into the TOP-list, we would recommend paying special attention to them during the preparation of your posts.

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Adding TikTok effects

Many users record videos in the memory of the smartphone, and after that they download them as posts to the application. In order to use internal “tricks” in your videos you need to:

  • open the program;
  • tap “Add video”;
  • you will see the effects icon on the left, it can be used in the processing of videos.

The service divides the offered opportunities into several categories: trending, masks and backgrounds, cats, animations with mentors from the TV project “Dancing with the Stars”, 3D objects. To switch between the sections, tap the appropriate tab.

Check these features easily – switch to the front camera and select the desired option. The system will display prompts, following which users will get a great result.

How to shoot a video with several effects

To record a video in real time with the addition of various filters, tap “Add video” icon. Here you can use several different masks by turn. To do this, select one option, shoot the video while holding the button. After that, apply a different effect and do the same. Then you can go to the editing and add a music track.

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Changing filters

For changing style use the leftmost icon. With it, users can apply effects gradually, simultaneously. The technique of execution is the same – choose the part of the video where you would like to use the filter. After achieving a decent result, do not forget to save your work, as well as to demonstrate it to the entire TikTok community.


TikTok is an application filled with various exciting features. Create the high-quality content, promote the page through the cheat services, and make PR in other social networks. It is very popular now, so be on the same page with the world-famous bloggers.