Secrets of Creating Popular Videos on TikTok

TikTok is a social platform that has gained particular popularity among the younger users. It is based on short videos. Therefore, teenagers are constantly looking for how to put effects on your Tik Tok video. These parameters allow to make content unique and relevant for the young people. In this article we will discuss interesting features of the app, including Tik Tok sound effects.


  • Is it possible to shoot a video longer than 15 seconds?
  • Features of special effects
  • How to record a video longer than 60 seconds?
  • General recommendations
  • Conclusion

Is it possible to shoot a video longer than 15 seconds?

The main part of the content is short videos that cannot last longer than fifteen seconds. Most often they contain popular musical compositions, animation, masks and texts. There is an interesting feature: if you refuse from using sound effects, you can record and add the video one minute long.

To make such a video, you will need to give preference to the variation that does not contain audio tracks. Any music, including the one from the memory of the smartphone, limits the length to only 15 seconds.

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Features of special effects

Posts that do not contain filters, masks and effects are not as popular as ones including them. Therefore, we would recommend using the following:

  1. trending options. These include such categories as kittens, bunnies, the effect of aging or beard. They are applied directly to your face or replace the background. What is also available: the division of the screen into several parts, adding texts;
  2. color change. The developers have added 36 different tones that can be used to create a video or going live;
  3. slowing down or speeding up the playback of a video;
  4. beauty filter;
  5. distance or approaching;
  6. cutting of music, videos.

How to record a video longer than 60 seconds?

Before you start shooting, the user will need to select the “timer” icon. It is in this section, that you can customize the duration of the video. To confirm the specified parameter, tap the check mark at the bottom on the right part of the screen.

After the process is completed, there are two options for finishing: go editing or publishing the work. When adding music, the duration of the video is reduced to the standard 15 seconds. Therefore, the processing may consist solely of the imposition of masks, filters and effects.

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General recommendations

You can achieve popularity through the services specializing in cheating followers, likes and comments. But without the high quality content, such actions do not make sense. Therefore we would advise to:

  • create interesting dynamic videos;
  • use unusual effects;
  • come up with the fascinating stories;
  • follow the trends and recommended bloggers;
  • devote time to communication with followers.


TikTok is a fascinating social network where you can spend all your free time, and not even notice how it flies. There are many interesting videos, users who want to watch them again and again. Using simple recommendations, your profile will get to the top list of recommended. It is important not just to film videos, but also to add uniqueness to them.