The Secrets of Creating a Content Plan for Instagram

Are you dreaming of creating a popular Instagram blog? Without a high-quality content plan, this will be problematic. We will bring to your attention a selection of secrets that will make the feed more interesting and the post engaging!


1. What is a content plan?

1.1. Main advantages

1.2. How to make it?

2. Types of posts

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What is a content plan?

Any SMM specialist knows that it is simply impossible to promote an account on the social network without a competent combination of all marketing and advertising tools. Even if you spend big money on targeting, your desired missions and strategies will never be realized. The key method of attracting new followers and keeping (which is much more difficult) the audience is to work on the quality of posts and publications, trying to make them as diverse and interesting as possible. The content calendar for Instagram helps to cope with this task. What is it? In fact, this is the schedule according to which certain news appear in your feed.

Content curation Instagram is usually done by the SMM manager. To begin with, he thinks out a unique profile strategy, then a rough plan of topics drawn up, prepares a rubricator, approves the main nuances with the customer, and ultimately provides a calendar schedule for the month. What is noteworthy, he also controls the process of writing texts and creating photos.

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Main advantages

Before we move on to step-by-step instructions on how to make Instagram content, we suggest understanding why it is needed at all. Thus, the key benefits of this SMM tool:

• allows to simplify interaction with the customer;

• helps to prepare posts and publications on time;

• establishes relationships between all team members: photographers, videographers, copywriters, targetologists, marketers, etc.;

• eliminates the likelihood of repetition – when you have a detailed list of planned records in front of you, you cannot automatically put similar or identical posts nearby;

However, the main plus is the chance to increase engagement. By generating diverse content, you do not stop being interesting, you do not cause users to unsubscribe.

How to make it?

If it seems to you that the development of a content plan is a banal listing of possible topics for the posts, then you are deeply mistaken. For this tool to work, you must:

• determine the target audience;

• create three portraits of followers (who, how old, what they do, where they live, etc.);

• think about what interests your readers have;

• take into account current trends;

• outline rough headings that could be posted.

Further, starting from all of the points above, you can make a suitable schedule.

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Types of posts

To create a high-quality and working content calendar for Instagram, you need to know about all the varieties and categories of posts. So what can they be?

• Selling. The classic type that can be found on any blog. Make sure that their number does not exceed 15-20 percent. The abundance of advertising scares followers.

• Personal. As a rule, here you talk about yourself and your brand, share your success story.

• Involving. This includes a variety of games, quizzes, contests, and other activities.

• Expert. When you write about something useful: collections, life hacks, etc.

Summing it up, we can conclude that the content plan is an absolutely indispensable tool, without which it is impossible to achieve effective promotion. To compile it, you must determine the target audience, understand its interests, needs and requests.