Your Own Audio Library in the TikTok Application

TikTok is considered the most popular application among the modern smartphone owners. Registered users are constantly in search of “tricks” to learn how to get a bunch of fans on Tik Tok. The main feature of the project is the ability to create short videos using various masks, stickers, own or built-in music tracks. Below we will describe how to make your own sound on Tik Tok.


  • What is TikTok?
  • Using your own audio tracks earlier
  • Can the personal music tracks be included to the app now?
  • Summary

What is TikTok?

One of the most popular choices among the content in the Play Market and the Apple Store is the so called “Musical Twitter” – the TikTok app. Young people who dream of becoming video-makers register on this social network in order to create short videos, add their own highlights.

After registration, users can shoot videos, edit them and overlay music. In this case, it is possible to trim, reduce or increase the playback speed, select unusual filters, apply different sound levels.

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Using your own audio tracks earlier

Not so long ago, one could use their own music tracks downloaded from a memory card or directly from a smartphone to TikTok. To do this, we would require to:

  1. open the application, tap “add video”;
  2. tap the button “select music”, then “my sounds”.

In this way, it was possible to reach the personal media library, from which the choice of a favorite composition would be added to the project. Unfortunately, this feature was removed by the developers due to the massive copyright violations.

Can the personal music tracks be included to the app now?

For the users who want to add their own sounds, there is a roundabout way. We suggest using additional software, for example, the program “InShot” works both on Android and iOS operating systems.

To use your personal music you would need to:
1. open the video editor;
2. add the previously filmed movie to the processing;
3. remove your own sound from work;
4. tap “music” – “my music”. Here you can choose a music track from the library and tap “use”.

Then you can choose the moment to start the playback with, and save the work in the phone memory. The finished video is being downloaded to TikTok. If necessary, add masks, filters, effects and other exciting “chips.” Now you can wait for a huge number of likes, reactions and comments from the followers.

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Creating high-quality content is a reliable way to increase the popularity of a personal account on this social network. Of course, you can use services for cheating followers, likes and comments, but in the first place there should be interesting videos. A little trick, described above, will allow to add your favorite music compositions to the video and increase the number of viewers.